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Access Violation in module 'comp32p.dll'


I've got problem

I'm using C++ Builder 4 Professional  on NT4 (Service Pack 4).
My application has not very complicated GUI , but it uses a few rather
big STL-based libraries.
Application runs well when started from command prompt, but when I tried
to start it from IDE it doesn't. Everything works fine until it goes
into code of these libraries. I can see beautiful window "Access
violation at 0121FE3A in module 'comp32p.dll'. Read of adress 656C3A3A".
Program can't be stopped or killed. I can only try to close Builder. It
says , I have debug session in progress and asks if I want to terminate.
If I answer YES it waits a moment and show next window "Timeout waiting
for process to terminate". If I answer RETRY it does nothing, if I
answered IGNORE both Builder and my application exits, if I answer ABORT
nothing happens but if  I try to close Builder once more it will exit
together with my application without any question.

As you can realize it makes Builder rather unusable.

Did anyone encounter this or similar problem and knows what to do ???


Re:Access Violation in module 'comp32p.dll'

: Bartosz Zembrzuski <> wrote:

>Did anyone encounter this or similar problem and knows what to do ???

Do you have any debug windows open, e.g. call stack, inspect,
evaluate/modify or the likes?

Stefan Hoffmeister
Due to time constraints I cannot give free face-to-face advice.
Please do apply judgement when sending email.

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