ANN: Quickly Discover Bottlenecks in your SQL Code - The New BDE SQL Profiler Plug-in For QTime

In our continuing efforts to develop the finest in application performance
testing tools, AutomatedQA has released a new plug-in extension to QTime -
the SQL Profiler...Specifically designed for Delphi and C++Builder
developers to help optimize SQL statements processed via the BDE.

Because of QTime's unique extensible COM based architecture, AutomatedQA has
released 4 plug-ins to further support and extend its extremely rich feature
set. The newest of these plug-ins is the SQL Profiler for the BDE.

The SQL Profiler tracks calls of the OpenCursor and Prepare functions of the
TQuery object (the OpenCursor function is called from the Open and ExecSQL
methods); tracks the ExecProc and Prepare methods of the TStoredProc object
and gives you precise execution timings to help you discover any and all
bottlenecks in your SQL code.

This new plug-in underscores the preeminence of QTime in the application
testing and performance tuning marketplace. QTime has everything you need to
insure your ability to deliver to end-users products that are lightening
fast and free of bugs.

To learn more about the SQL Profiler plug-in,.visit our Product Information
Page at:

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