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Please help me with help problem


I still found no solution, why on pressing F1 in my applcation, the content
window appears. I tried to override OnKeyPress or OnKeyDown of my form, but
the VCL seems to control the F1 Key, so that I cannot catch it and call
WinHelp by myself. What happens in the VCL when I press F1? Is there any way
to override this?




Re:Please help me with help problem

I found following:

When I press F1, first the content window appears. If HelpContext is
defined, the FormHelp() of the form is called. After that, the helpfile with
the desired Context is shown. FormKeyDown or FormKeyPress were never called.
This happens only, if I press F1 from the MDI-Mainform or from the
MDI-Childs. From a modal form the context window does not appear, only the
desired Topic.



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