I have an apps consisting of an exe and 4 dlls which I originally
developed in Builder1, and included in each project file is bcbmm.lib, all
is well. When I moved to Builder3 I initially dropped the use of bcbmm, and
included memmgr.lib, but suffered no end of Access Violations, typically
when accessing / clearing TListView, sometimes even passing the cursor over
this component would cause it to crash. However, if I returned to using
bcbmm in Builder3 the apps works just fine. When using bcbmm and view the
Event Viewer it shows bcbmm.dll being loaded / unloaded, however, when
memmgr is used the viewer does not show borlndmm.dll being loaded, although
no error message is given to indicate that this dll cannot be found.

Any one out there got any ideas of what I might be doing wrong ?