Access Violation in TListbox->Items->Strings when the Item is a very long string

Here's the complete snippet of my code:
   int linesToGo = lstDiscussion->Count/3;
   for (int i=0;i<linesToGo;i++) {
       AnsiString UserName = lstDiscussion->Items->Strings[i*3+0];
       AnsiString Date = lstDiscussion->Items->Strings[i*3+1];
       AnsiString Message = lstDiscussion->Items->Strings[i*3+2];

When I try to retreive Message the following exception occurs ONLY when
lstDiscussion->Items->Strings[i*3+2] is a Very long (1050) chars.

Acces violation at adres 000000003e. Read of adres 0000000003e.

When lstDiscussion->Items->Strings[i*3+2] is a small string, no
exception happens.

p.s. lstDiscussion is a normal TListBox and
lstDiscussion->Items->Strings[i*3+2] is NOT null or empty,
because I can see the text in the listbox on my form.