WideString/BSTR linker error in BCB4 (works in BCB3)

As we attempt to migrate some multi-tier code from BCB3 to BCB4, we
encountered the following...

The sample function:
WideString WS1;

MidasConnection1->AppServer.Exec(Function("SampleMethod") << &WS1);


compiles/links fine in BCB3.  In BCB4, we get the error:

[Linker Error] Unresolved external
'System::AutoCmd::operator <<(wchar_t* *)' referenced from

Likewise, if we have a "BSTR *" that we want to pass in this fashion we get
the same error.  Something obviously to do with WideString pointers and
perhaps a different implementation in BCB4/5 than in BCB3.

Any ideas, please???  Help!

Kevin Talley (ktal...@synergysoftware.com)