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IDE Window Docking

I have just noticed this rather strange behavior in the IDE's window
docking feature (although it probably doesn't constitute a bug.)
1. Create a new project with the ClassExplorer docked to the code
2. Now, open several other windows (i.e. Project Manger, Object
Inspector, Breakpoints, etc.) and dock them _inside_ the Class Explorer
(drag them until their outline appears centered within the ClassExplorer
then release.) You should have multiple tabs along the top of the parent
3. Dock enough windows so that their tabs won't all fit on a single
line. A scrolling control should appear to the right of the parent
window to allow access to the unseen tabs.
4. Now right-click on any of the tabs and select either Left or Right.
The tabs should now appear to one side of their parent window.
5. Now right click on a tab and select Top. The tabs return to the top,
but instead of appearing on a single line with a scroll control, they
now span multiple rows. They remain in multiple rows throughout the
session, but return to single-row format upon instituting a new session.

As I said, this might not qualify as a bug, but it is rather odd.
Personally, I prefer the multiple row view and wish it could be
preserved across sessions (I do have AutoSave desktop on, but this
doesn't seem to do it.)

James Nelson


Re:IDE Window Docking

: "James E. Nelson" <> wrote:

>As I said, this might not qualify as a bug, but it is rather odd.

Interesting :-)

Could you please go to

and submit a bug report on this? Thanks!

Stefan Hoffmeister (TeamB)
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