Ann: TAdvStringGrid v1.94 (now with {*word*60} Spell Check support)

Forwarded by Glenn Crouch on behalf of TMS Software
In our commitment to continue to tune our TAdvStringGrid component
further to all your needs and wishes, we announce today the availability
of  version 1.94.  One of the major new features is the capability to
extend TAdvStringGrid with spell checking through the {*word*60} Spell
Checker product. A free interface component makes spell checking with
{*word*60} in TAdvStringGrid a codeless extension.

Along with numerous smaller improvements, here is an overview of the
most important new features :

- New : Soft flat look. As we think you'll love this look, let us know
if you'd like us to make this the default look.
- New : flat checkbox style
- New : PictureContainer support to use JPEG, GIF, WMF, ICO, BMP              
images without any additional library.
- New : disabled checkbox display
- New : support for enabling spell checking and auto correction with            
{*word*60} Spell Checker interface added. See
http://www.{*word*60} for info on the {*word*60} Spell Checker.
- New : ExcelStyleDecimalSeparator property added
- New : EditLink and sample showing how to use a ColumnComboBox as
inplace editor.
- New : OnPrintPageDOne event
- New : OnGetCheckTrue, OnGetCheckFalse events to allow different    
checkbox True and False values in different cells.
- New : OnFilterProgress event
- New : Hints while column & row resizing
- New : Sizing of fixed column over full grid height.
- New : Error & HiLighting in cells, columns, rows, full grid
- New : OnOleDropped event.
- Improved : Faster filtering
- Improved : Latest HTML formatting features in cells, including
paragraph indenting

Again, this new release was only possible thanks to so much
feedback, wishes, requests, remarks and suggestions from all
users. We thank you for all this and keep looking forward to your
continued feedback.

Kind regards,
TMS software team
Email :
Web :