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Word 2k automation problem

I'am trying to insert text from a clipboard into a word document. But
everytime I get an exception when runs over the pasteSpecial command

int __fastcall TWord::PasteAtBookmark (AnsiString Bookmark)
Range *BkMk;
OleVariant Format = wdPasteRTF;
    if (this->WordDocument->Bookmarks->Exists( StringToOleStr (Bookmark)
) == true)
         BkMk = this->WordDocument->Bookmarks->Item(StringToOleStr
         BkMk->PasteSpecial ( EmptyParam,
EmptyParam,EmptyParam,EmptyParam,Format,EmptyParam,EmptyParam); ***
Crash **


Is there any other possibility to paste text at a predefined bookmark

Thanks for your help

Andreas Wehner


Re:Word 2k automation problem

Most likely, BkMk is null, hence the crash. Also, I'd use WideString()
instead of calls to StringToOleStr.


Andreas Wehner wrote:


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