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Font size alters VCL components


I'm having some trouble with font sizes.  I have my system fonts set
to "small" but when some people are using "large" fonts, it seems that
my vcl components look different, sometimes components even overlap
each other and seem to be in different places.

Any idea how I could fix this?  Thanks for any help.


Reynold M. de Guzman


Re:Font size alters VCL components

> Any idea how I could fix this?  Thanks for any help.

There is no perfect solution, but here are some general guidelines you
should follow:

1) Always design your programs under the small fonts setting.
2) Leave the Scaled property of your form set to true.
3) Space your components so that they can expand correctly.
4) Set the AutoScroll property to false.

There are also 3rd party components that claim to address this issue by
resizing your controls.  If you're interested:

Good luck!

Yoto Yotov

Re:Font size alters VCL components

I've seen these 'general guidelines' recommended from time to time.
They are OK as long as you won't mix bitmaps with other components in
the same form.

Most components scale nicely when Form->Scaled=true but bitmaps tend to
be clipped or worse. My experience after dealing with this a long time

1- Set the Scaled property of the form to FALSE.
2- Design with either font size. It doesn't matter.
3- Be careful with the pixel size of the form to avoid that something
could be out of the screen if some user has a coarse resolution (I
assume that nobody would use less than 800x600 but, who knows...)

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