again and again Quick Report

        I am getting full of QR bugs and tricks, my last one is:
I made one application in win2k and everything worked fine, then  e
copy my project to one machine with win98 to test it because the
results are different(why???), the big problem is that in PrintPreview
buttons Print and Printer Setup are not enabled.
        I am working for almoust one year with bcb4 and there is no
update for QR, in Qusoft (imagine this!) they told me that is very
complicated to make a QR patch for bcb4 because they need to get the
old code again and compile it.
        This is a shame, so if i buy a car and one year later the
factory finds a engine problem, (and knows that that engine is going
to blow soon) and tells me that is very hard to get a solution, and
that i must accept the problem (since the car is already paid).
        Software companies are abusing with peoples money.

Yours sincerely,

Nuno Gon?alves:
Associa??o Portuguesa dos Comerciantes de Materiais de Contru??o (Dep. de Informtica)
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