Help on making the enter key act like the tab key

I have a form with 3 edits on it. The tab order is 0, 1, 2. I would
like to make the enter key act like the tab key to move through the
form. I have tryed the :

                        key = 0
                        PostMessage(Handle, WM_NEXTDLGCTL, 0, 0);

thing but it does'nt restart the loop like the tab key does.
When I reach the last tabstop and use a button with return I want the
enter key to start the tab loop over at the begining.
What do I do to keep looping through the form with the enter key
acting like the tab key???

Any help would be very much appreciated

                                Dave Clark

P.S. I am a new C++Builder person coming from a C++ Hobbyist
background and I just love the C++ Builder environment.