failed to self register - nmorenu.dll

I made a mini web browser with the HTML.OCX.

I followed the steps quoted below and got the error at the end of the

Failed to self register the following files:

I get the same message on a clean machine install as I do on the development
machine, except my dev machine will run the program after installation,
where the clean machine will run the program, but will NOT actually connect
to the internet and display web content.
It just sits there.

Is this related to the failed to self register dll message, or might it be
something else?

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Martin Fensome

"For a list of which files you will actually need to include with
your distribution, use the following dependency matrix:

                | FTP  | NNTP | SMTP |  POP | HTTP |  HTML | TCP
 ///// pretty big snip ////////

To deploy your program using InstallShield Express, follow these

1. Start up ISXpress and build your setup project as you normally
would.  If you have never used install shield express refer to

// pretty big snip //

deploy your application. InstallShield will automatically
register all OCXs and DLLs that have <WINSYSDIR> set as their
destination directory."