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breakpoints and precompiled headers in BCB 3

Hi all,

I notice that when I turn on the "use precompiled headers" or "cache
precompiled headers" in the compiler options when creating a windows
application, the de{*word*81} does not stop at breakpoints. When I turn of
this option and use "Build" to produce the .exe file, the de{*word*81} works
ok (though slow). Sometimes even "Make" works but not always.

However, if I create a new simple project on the same disk where BCB is
installed, the de{*word*81} works even with the precompiled headers turned



Re:breakpoints and precompiled headers in BCB 3

I don't have this problem, and my software is on separate disks. I'd
suggest checking your system with scandisk and a virus checker. Also
have a look at how your hardware accesses these two disks. Perhaps
there's some sort of controller conflict.

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