The old menu merge bug


I've read every thread I can find on the well-known menu merge bug which
causes the border icons to disappear when an MDI child window is maximized.
(Which, by the way, I have only seen occur on Windows 98 -- Windows NT 4
doesn't seem to have the same problem.)

However, none of the fixes (typically named FixMDIChild()) that various
people have suggested seem to work. Damon Chandler (Team B) refers to a bug
in TMenuItem::RebuildHandle(), but he doesn't say what the bug is, or how it
should be fixed.  Does anyone know what the proper fix to
TMenuItem::RebuildHandle() (in menus.pas) would be?

Please don't tell me that I shouldn't modify the VCL source...of course I
know that Borland could fix the bug in the future, and that any changes I
make now could break my application later, but I don't care...I can't wait
for Borland to fix it.  I need a fix now.

I am using BCB5 Pro.


- Dennis