DelimitedText property of TStringList


I'm trying to parse a tab separated string by setting the delimiter of
the string list to '\t' and then using the delimited text property.

For some reason, it insists on using spaces (' ') to parse the string.

ie "This is \t a test" becomes "This" "is" "a" "test"
                    but i want "This is " and " a test"

I can get around it by replacing the spaces with another character,
parsing and then re-replacing but that really slows it down (i have
lots of data to parse) and it seems like there should be a better way
of doing it.

Just wondering if anyone had the same problem and how / if they got
around it.

here's the code if it helps
(each string in Rows in a line of a tab separated file)

void ListToGrid(TStringList * Rows, TStringGrid * Grid)
    TStringList * Columns = new TStringList;

    Columns -> Delimiter = '\t';

    for (int Row = 0; Row < Rows -> Count; Row ++)
        Columns -> DelimitedText = Rows -> Strings[Row];

        for (int Column = 0; Column < Columns -> Count; Column ++)
            Grid -> Cells [Column][Row] = Columns -> Strings[Column];
    delete Columns;


Thanks for your help,