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Win95/98 keystroke emulation utilities?

Greetings everyone,
I am looking for a utility that can extract keystrokes from a file and feed
them into targetted Windows-based programs running under Win9x.
I have previously developed by own utility to do this for standalone DOS
programs, but I am not sure whether a similar utility is available for
Win9x. The utility would have to work for any Windows program as I do not
have the source code for the targetted program(s).

Does anyone know of such a utility?

Thanks in advance.
Richard Kable
Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited,
Melbourne, Australia.


Re:Win95/98 keystroke emulation utilities?

On Tue, 21 Sep 1999 13:01:41 +1000, "Richard Kable"

<> wrote:
>Does anyone know of such a utility?

[i.e. win keyboard macro utilities]

 I think I did see something like that on torry's

I'm pretty sure there's a Delphi component that used keyboard hooks
to do what you want.  If it doesn't work in BCB it still may have
source that you can translate to C++ Builder source.
I'd be surprised if there weren't 2 or 3 there and at
delphi super page.



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