corrupted download

2004-10-30 10:51:37 PM
Dear Sir,
I have downloaded the zipped file of the Enterprise Trial of JBuilder 2005.
Well after the download I found that few of the files in the zipped file
were corrupt and due to that the program is not installing. Following are
the list of files which were found to be corrupted.
1.. jb2005_windows_mac\Disk1\InstData\
2.. jb2005_windows_mac\Disk2\InstData\
3.. jb2005_windows_mac\Premium\ebay\Windows\eBaySDKJava_v1.0.0_b0607.exe
it is impossible for me to download the whole 662 MB zipped file again due
to these corrupted files. Please can someone assist me in this regard and
send me these files or send me the link from where i can download only these
files not the whole 662 MB file. Without these files my downloaded setup is
of no use and won't work. I would be obliged if anyone could help. Thankyou
Ramiz Salahuddin