JdbTextField acion event

2003-10-18 04:48:17 AM
i have a JFrame which contains several JdbTextFields. i also have a default
button set for this frame. the problem is that when the user hits enter when
a JdbTextField has focus, the action event is consumed by it and the frame
doesn't click the default button. i need the default button to be clicked
because i need to do some things (like close the frame) when the user hits
enter somwhere on the form. i could add action listeners to all
JdbTextFields in the form but i hope that there's an easyer way of doing
so, what i need is to that the JdbTextField behaves like it usually does
(saves the data being edited on action event), but i also need that the
frame invokes it's default buttnon (set by
JFrame.getRootPane().setDefaultButton()) when enter is hit anywhere on the
how do i do that?