Re: JSObject problem

2003-06-29 07:14:33 AM
Doug Trotter wrote:
am trying to access JSObject items from within the JBuilder IDE. Can
JBuilder do this? If so, how? Currently the AppletViewer class used by
JBuilder crashes whenever a JSObject item is accessed. Is there a fix or a
workaround? Can a different AppletViewer class be used which does not crash
and which successfully runs calls to JSObject items? Both the IE and Sun
JVM's run our JSObject code without any problem. However, the same code
crashes JBuilder when run within the IDE. Calls to JSObject are an integral
part of the applets that we serve, and we need to be able to use the IDE
de{*word*81} when running our applet code. Therefore, I am very anxious to find
a solution.
Here is an example of a line of code accessing a JSObject which fails to run
correctly in JBuilder.

JSObject win = JSObject.getWindow(this);

Doug Trotter ( XXXX@XXXXX.COM )

What the heck is a JSObject? Oh... 5 seconds on Google indicates this
is JavaScript.
The browser embedded in JBuilder is limited in many ways. I know that
it does not support Javascript. It's a bug that it crashes the IDE, and
you can check Quality Central to see if it's been reported or not
( But even if the bug is fixed, it isn't going
to run inside JBuilder's embedded browser.
You'll need to run it in an external browser for testing, etc.
Lori Olson (TeamB)
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