OCR For Java ....

2004-08-21 10:35:05 PM
I'm doing a little research for someone to see if there would be a demand
for an OCR toolkit that is written in Java. This would be suitable for
use in a document imaging program, building an end-user OCR program, or any
of a host of other uses for OCR. Initially, it may not recover text styles
(font, text size, bold, italic, etc.) but will at least be able to go from
image->text. It will be able to handle multicolumn text (something many OCR
systems don't handle very well) and will have at least acceptable accuracy.
(I don't have accuracy figures yet but there is no point in releasing it
until the accuracy is acceptable if not exceptional.)
If you think that this would be something that you would be interested in,
please feel free to drop me a note at: XXXX@XXXXX.COM .