Re: v8 not installing everything?

2003-07-02 12:43:06 AM
Hi Joe,
It depends on what files are missing. I have seen defective installs where
the JDK doesn't get installed and this subsequently causes JBuilder to
not run. You can usually check to see why JB doesn't start if you start
it from a command prompt from the executable "jbuilder.exe" as opposed
to "jbuilderw.exe." Errors should be thrown to the console.
In the case of a missing JDK (or jvm.cfg as it usually is) I usually
recommend just trying to re-install. If this doesn't work, you can usually
just download a JDK from Sun and install it to that folder in JBuilder's
installation folder:
Doing this is technically unsupported but I've seen it work time and time
Steve Peters
Borland Developer Support
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Joe Monahan wrote:
Anyone ever come across this issue:
I run the install (for win2k) and it either causes an error and crashes, or
it installs has me click the "finish" button where upon files are missing
and haven't been fully installed, or finally it actually does install
everything but when I go to run the .exe it just doesn't do anything.

Any advice?