JBuilderX Always deploys EAR file

2004-01-30 10:38:07 PM
I have the Eval of JBuilderX (on Windows XP) and am facing 2 problems
with it.
1) JBuilder is always DEPLOYING an ear file to WebLogic 6.1 sp6,
regardless of the settings I tell it.
2) JBuilder does not seem to ever use an exploded EAR or WAR when I'm
in testing mode. Is there a way to get it to do so?
Here is what I've tried.
A) Run Configuration -->Type = Server -->Archives (I have ALL
archives unchecked). Build Target=None.
I then right click on the Application Module, and select to run with
that runtime config and the EAR always gets moved to the appserver.
B) Right click the Application Module and select properties. Select
Build option and select NEVER in the dropdown list.
C) Run Configuration -->Type = Server -->Archives (I have ALL
archives unchecked). Build Target=an Ant task I've written that does
the compile and deployment I want.
My issue is that we have an Ant task that already does a complicated
compilation and deployment and we don't want JBuilder to then also
bundle up an EAR file and copy that EAR to Weblogic's application dir.
Thanks for any help.