Tomcat projects and Dev/Ent versions

2003-10-22 08:25:03 AM
Hi all,
We have been developing with developer versions of JBuilder because
we simply don't need the Ent features. However we hit a problem with seems
to be either a bug or a deliberate limitation.
By default the Tomcat server with Dev is V4.0. We have V4.1.27 for our main
servers. Using the server config windows, etc we where able to setup copies
of V4.1.27 and tell JBuilder to use them. But when we started the projects
(which use struts), all we would get from the server is blank pages. The
V4.1.27 server will start fine, but no error are logged and the documents
sent by it are totally blank.
If we build a project by scratch it works fine with the new server until we
add the struts components (V1.1). Then blanks pages from there on. If we
open a project that was built in the Enterprise version of JBuilder it
works fine including the struts stuff.
We've tried everything we can think of including re-installing on new
machines, but we can't get the Developer version to work properly with
these later versions of Tomcat. Enterprise works without an issue so it
seems to be something that is different between the two versions.
Any ideas ? anyone hit this ?