Re: jdk 1.4.2 look and feel

2003-07-12 01:35:23 PM
On 7/10/2003 at 6:09:29 AM, jc wrote:
Does anyone know how to use the new GTK+ theme from jdk1.4.2
into Jbuilder 8.
It used to be that you could just install a new look-and-feel into the
JRE, either using "" or UIManager.installLookAndFeel(),
and JBuilder would display it in the Look-and-feel combo box under "IDE
Options..." | Browser. For some reason, that no longer works.
You might be able to hunt down that combo box and add the look-and-feel
to it, but that would be somewhat kludgy. You also should be able to
create your own interface for switching the look-and-feel using the
OpenTools API.
John McGrath [TeamB]