JBuilder 2005 Compiler Dependencies

2005-02-12 03:45:39 AM
We recently upgraded from JB 8 to JB 2005. In my experience, the older
version would automatically recompile any dependent classes, but the
new version does not seem to do this anymore. Is there some setting I
can modify to restore this behavior? It was a very handy feature, and
the lack of it has already caused some debugging headaches. Now we
have to rebuild all when really only two or three classes need it.
Say you have a class, A, full of public static finals, and another
class, B, uses these values. If I modify one of these constants in A
and recompile, I would expect B to automatically recompile as well,
picking up the new value. This does not happen anymore, but it used
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
- Andy