jbuilder 2005 bcj question?

2004-09-23 11:39:35 AM
In the jbuilder 2005 help page, it said bcj is the default compiler
for jbuilder 2005, but in the default project setting, it choose
jdk1.4.2 as default jdk. Then it use bcj to compile? or use jdk1.4.2
to compile project?
Suppose bcj is jdk5.0, right?
When you write code wrong, jbuilder will get the wrong syntax
without compile the project, and this real time syntax checking is
base on bcj or jdk1.4.2?
If the default project jdk is 1.4.2, then why it let us change the
"language feature" to 1.5? What is the reason?
from Peter ( XXXX@XXXXX.COM )