JBuilder 2005, Java 1,5 and new designer doesn't like JBuilder X projects

2004-10-12 04:26:55 AM
With JBuilder 2005 (=JB-11) Enterprise Trial for Win32 I exeperience a
The JB-11 designer doesn't render several of my GUIs done with JB-X,
when I set the project's "language features" to Java 1.5 (because I
need the new generics etc features).
So what to do now?
I tried to make JB-11 to run within the Java 1.5 VM and it works
basically, please see
* The pro: The JB-X GUI projects are loaded perfectly now with JB-11
designer (well it reports some errors like "Unable to load
java.awt.Component. Please check that java.awt.Component is
compiled.") but it works .
* The con: The vmmemmax setting (which is -Xmx I suppose?) in
jbuilder.config doesn't seem to work anymore. JBuilder (running within
JVM 1.5) grows and grows as if it ignored my "max 256M" setting. When
JB-11 reaches ~400 MB (the taskmanager says so for "used memory") my
512 MB RAM machine goes unusuable because of swapping...
What's the problem?
To stick to the "installation" topic of this forum: how can you start
JB without this starter-exe? Because I'd like to control the (new) JVM
1.5 parameters per batch starter. So I tried to write a small one and
put it into Jbuilder/bin. Basically it does this:
set lib=../lib/activation.jar; ETC
set lib-abc=../apache_1.42.jar; ETC
set lib-bes=../lib/bes/agentclient.jar; ETC
set lib-ext=../thirdparty/InterClient/interclient.jar
set lib-qcclient=ETC
set lib-sapient=ETC
set lib-servers=ETC
java -Xmx256M -cp %lib%;%lib-abc%;%lib-bes%;%lib-ext%;%lib-qcclient%;%lib-sapient%
com.borland.jbuilder.JBuilder %*
It works basically, but seems to ignore my trial keys because it
always run under JBuilder Foundation instead of Enterprise Trial. Why
is this so? Also it looks like the -Mmx switch still is being
ignored... :-(
Anybody managed to start JB-11 via command line?