how to use Tomcat reload command instead restarting the server

2005-07-21 11:30:51 AM
Hi, first post from my experience with JB 2005,
Last one I worked was JBuilder 6.
1) I noticed that both NetBeans and JBuilder whenever they need to rebuild
an app, restart a web server, which takes some time, but Tomcat Manager
provides a command for reloading an app, like this
Is there any way to say to JB to use it?
I know Ant can do it, may be just export a build an Ant script and insert
this command manually?
2) When I try to go Tomcat Manager, in JB webview, webview doesn't allow to
authenticate, so can I get in?
Or it's just a limitation of JB's built-in browser?
3) How to use Database Pilot with MySQL, I put
mysql-connector-java-3.1.10-bin.jar in system's CLASSPATH already,
and even in dbpilot.config but DP still doesn't see it .
Help says:
Drivers must be installed to be used, and the driver's files must be added
to the JBuilder startup script or batch file's CLASSPATH, or to your
environment's CLASSPATH variable before JBuilder is launched.
Which file is a JB's startup script?
I only found jbuilder.config.