Re: Having Difficulty in Getting Serial No or Activation File for

2004-10-08 03:54:14 AM
Thank you Lori
I got it by reregistering as per one of the previous mails in the thread.
It works fine.
"Lori M Olson [TeamB]" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote:
Venkat Janardhanan wrote:

>I installed the 30 Day Free Trial CD of JBuilder X Developer and when
>I tried to get a Trial license key at
>, after I filled in the details and
>submitted my Email Address, the latter did not seem to get accepted
>and I got a pade with the message "Missing or bad cookie." If this is
>the case, is there some other means of getting the Serial No or the
>Activation File?
>Thanks for information on this,
>Regards, Venkat Janardhanan.

You probably have your browser set up so that it does not accept
cookies. The BDN site requires cookies for login, and that is probably
where you are being redirected to when you hit submit on that page.

If you can change your browser settings, do so, and try again. I know
that some companies are now locking down the browser security settings
through group policies, so this may not be possible. In this case,
another suggestion is to try to do this from your home PC instead.

Failing all that, as a last resort, you may be able to do this manually
by calling for Install/Presales support for your region -



Lori Olson [TeamB]


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