ColumnChangeListener (yes the documentation is a joke)

2003-10-07 01:32:09 PM
"ColumnChangeListener" sounds like a good thing.
But of course there is no description of how to use this beast.
A google search reveals this suggestion:
Column c1 = new Column();
c1.addColumnChangeListener(new ColumnChangeAdapter(){
public void validate(DataSet dataSet, Column column, Variant value)
throws VetoException{
but on attempting to build this with my Column
I get "cannot resolve VetoException.."
"cannot resolve method addColumnChangeListener..."
A lot of people in database group seem to know how to do this,
but let me remind folks that "Automatic Knowledge"
ie. assuming that everyone knows what you know,
is a recognised sign of psychosis.
so is the doctor in?
Can we please have an example?