ANN: Penuel build 1060 released

2006-04-07 04:56:27 AM
What's New
Functionality for declaring and loading JDBC drivers has been revamped.
Previously, working with JDBC drivers was a little cumbersome. If you were
using a database for which there was no out of the box support (i.e a DBMS
other than DB2, Oracle, Sybase, HSQLDB) you declared the java class name of
the driver and an associated mnemonic from within the Penuel GUI. You then
had to edit the penuel/bin/runpenuel.bat file to modify the classpath
argument of the java executable to include the jar files for your driver.
Starting with build 1060, you can set up all the information required for a
JDBC driver completely from within the Penuel GUI. The driver will be
dynamically loaded at connect time based the above information. It is no
longer necessary to modify the class path arguments in the
penuel/bin/runpenuel.bat file.
I would like to thank Paul Furbacher and Shankar Unni of the Borland
JBuilder newsgroup community for helping me with class loader usage needed
in implementing the above.
About Penuel
Penuel is a free browser program for relational databases that are JDBC
compliant. The driver must support scrollable result sets.
Download and documentation
Penuel can be downloaded free from The user guide is also
viewable here.
If you want to give me feedback (or a better job), please email: me at
George Xavier