JBuilder X - no app server workin.. pls heeelp!

2004-01-24 07:28:06 AM
Hello there!
I just received this damn thing...: JBuilder X. I used to developer w/
Visual Studio.NET 2003.. and well, to tell you the truth... that
works, and this one doesnt!
I just cannot make _any_ app server to work:
With JBoss, when I try to run, I get URI mapping errors.. no luck
With Sun 1.4 EE (8), it just doesnt want to work either...
With Sun 1.3 EE (7), it cannot compile: no javax.ejb??!?!?
With BES 6.0: cos its not compatible w/ 6.0 (only w/ 5.x), doenst
please please help me! I just cannot imagine J2EE is just a suck at
work! Feels like hacking with free systems: fun but no real work can
be done. And actually, JBuilder X costs a LOT!
Pls, help me! How can I use a damn app server?