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jsp vs asp

2006-09-30 10:04:22 PM
which win?

Re:jsp vs asp

which win?

ASP is overall very defficient in terms of scalability, reliability,
etc. in relation to JSP.
ASP requires you to use scripting languages almost extensively as part
of the ASP process. JSP allows you more freedom in using actual Java
Code, Tag Libraries, and a MVC pattern that while possible with ASP,
would be much more difficult to implement. IT would require several
languages and a mock up pattern(s) to make it work more like Java and
Tag Libs (Controller Models could be created in COM and ISAPI with
C/C++, Delphi, etc.).
Many features in ASP will not only lock you into Windows specific
platforms which you will have to use to deploy your application, but
also can easily tie you into IE only browsers. JSP not only supports all
platforms, but coded correctly, runs in all browsers.
There is a plethora of MVC architecture built around the JSP/Servlet
model. ASP has few frameworks to choose from.
If you add ASP.NET into the mix, then the benefits of JSP are less
pronounced. However, ASP.NET does not have the maturity of JSP nor Java,
nor does not offer the flexibility, reliability record, nor scalability
of Java, and multi-platform, is a shot in the dark at best. But at least
ASP.NET verses J2EE is a better argument. However due to NET's more
closed nature and non allegiance to the open source world (Mono would be
an exception to this, but there is not nor can there be, 100%
compatibility between Mono and MS), you will never have the options that
you do with J2EE.