Can Jbuilder 2005 support BES6.X's customized Ant task attributes automatical generation

2005-04-01 09:24:04 PM
According to the help manual of BES6.x, we can use the customized bes's
ant task, such as idl2java, iastool, java2iiop and java2idl. by pay
great effort on them, I added these customized ant's jar files, to
JBuilder Enterprise 2005's ant_home directory, thirdparty/ant/lib, which
included anttasks.jar, vbjorb.jar, vbdev.jar, vbjdev.jar, jafa.jar and
xmlrt.jar. and I changed the default properties of the project, added
these jar files to the ANT customized library.
Since I used VisiBroker to compile idl files to java source files.
I setup the IDL properties:
idl2java -strict -package org.wcdma.ems.corba -root_dir ..\src\generated
-C -comments -I ..\idl\omg\visibroker -idl2package ::CosNotification
org.omg.CosNotificaiton -idl2package ::TimeBase org.omg.TimeBase
-idl2package ::CosNotifyChannelAdmin org.omg.CosNotificationAdmin
It worked successfully when I make the idl files in the project.
Since I wanted to use the "Export to ant" wizard to generate the
build.xml of the Ant.
But JBuilder 2005 didn't generate the customized ant task, idl2java,
into the generated build.xml, as well as none of optional task, such as
cvs, junit, etc.
Could JBuilder 2005 support the automatical generation of customized ant
task according to the library of ANT properties of a project? If yes,
how can customize it?
Please help me!