Re: a prospective jbuilder 8/9 buyer.

2003-07-28 01:49:22 PM
On 7/23/2003 at 4:55:19 PM, Andy H. wrote:
1. what version of JDK is used in Jbuilder 8 & 9.
On Windows, JBuilder 8 runs hosted on Java 1.4.1-b21 and JBuilder 9
runs hosted on Java 1.4.1_02-b06.
2. what is the OLDDER version of JRE(J2RE) can run applications
written by Juilder 8 & 9.
Either can use pretty much any version of the JDK you want to use. You
just need to install the JDK and configure JBuilder to use it. As for
JBuilder's host JDK, it is only supported on the JDK that it comes
with, but this should really not matter to you under most
circumstances. What matters is the JDK used for your programs.
John McGrath [TeamB]