[ANN]: AntRunner 2.2

2004-05-21 02:15:03 PM
AntRunner is an OpenTool for JBuilder 4 to 9 and JBuilderX to use Ant
within the IDE.
This release of AntRunner has only small changes:
- some support of the new import statement (Not working if properties are
used, fully working with the ANT parser) - user can choose to use ANT or
AntRunner parser
- display of compile status
- show broken X while ANT is running. This will work only for JB6 and
- added context menu to the compiler output to
- jump to the selected message
- copy the output of ANT to the clipboard
- now possible to copy ANT's output to clipboard
- check if a file exists after a click before trying to open it in the
- started to work with checkstyle and clean of code according to
checkstyle suggestions
You can download it from antrunner.sourceforge.net