Anyone else have problems getting JBuilder tech support?

2005-08-14 04:01:24 PM
Borland's approach to CUSTOMER support is pretty pathetic. I had
ordered JBuilder 2005 on-line and promptly registered the product with
Borland. I can not find anything in the license agreement, Borland's
web site or in the steps to register the product on Borland's web site
that indicates that if you do not register for
maintenance at the time of purchase that you are SOL when it comes to
purchasing support. Before posting to this newsgroup I contacted
Borland Sales wanting pricing for support. I have dealt with several
other vendors (Sybase for example) and I have had the option of paying
for support on either a subscription plan or on a per incident basis. I
have NEVER (until now) been denied access to technical support for a
legally purchased and registered product. Borland Sales asked me how
long ago I had bought the product. They said that since I did not
purchase support at the time of purchase it was unavailable.
I did receive an adverti{*word*224}t from Borland offering to upgrade my copy
of JBuilder X to JBuilder 2005 (I already have 2005.) for $1600. This
would include support and an upgrade to JBuilder 2006 when it is
released. In other words, I can open a support incident if I am willing
to give them $1600!