De{*word*81} Error - Connection Refused

2003-07-17 10:43:24 PM
I posted a problem in the de{*word*81} problem, but i think this is more specific to linux. I am using redhat 9 with jb9 ent and I am experiencing a strange problem with the de{*word*81}. if I change my hostname to localhost the de{*word*81} works ok, but if I change my host name to another name, and I can ping it succesfully after setup i get the following error when i try to run the de{*word*81}. My problem is when I need to use the de{*word*81} I have to keep changing the hostname and restart the inetx deamon.
-- Cannot start Java debug process VM --
com.sun.jdi.connect.VMStartException: VM initialization failed for: /usr/java/jdk1.2.2/bin/java -classic -classpath "/home/lans/jbproject/MtdParser/bn/com/classes:/opt/IBM/Informix JDBC Driver 2.21.JC3/lib/ifxjdbcx.jar:/opt/IBM/Informix JDBC Driver 2.21.JC3/lib/ifxjdbcx-g.jar:/opt/IBM/Informix JDBC Driver 2.21.JC3/lib/ifxtools.jar:/opt/IBM/Informix JDBC Driver 2.21.JC3/lib/ifxtools-g.jar:/opt/IBM/Informix JDBC Driver 2.21.JC3/lib/ifxsqlj.jar:/opt/IBM/Informix JDBC Driver 2.21.JC3/lib/ifxsqlj-g.jar:/opt/IBM/Informix JDBC Driver 2.21.JC3/lib/ifxlang.jar:/opt/IBM/Informix JDBC Driver 2.21.JC3/lib/ifxlsupp.jar:/opt/IBM/Informix JDBC Driver 2.21.JC3/lib/xerces.jar:/opt/IBM/Informix JDBC Driver 2.21.JC3/lib/ifxjdbc.jar:/opt/IBM/Informix JDBC Driver 2.21.JC3/lib/ifxjdbc-g.jar:/opt/jar/bn.jar:/opt/oracle/9.0/OraHome1/jdbc/lib/" -Xdebug -Xnoagent -Djava.compiler=NONE -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,address=magic.localdomain:32799,suspend=y mtdparser.TestParser
Error [111] in connect() call!
err:: Connection refused
Socket transport failed to init.
Transport dt_socket failed to initialize, rc = -1.
FATAL ERROR in native method: No transports initialized
SIGABRT 6* abort (generated by abort(3) routine, also SIGIOT)
si_signo [6]: SIGABRT 6* abort (generated by abort(3) routine, also SIGIOT)
si_errno [0]: Success
si_code [0]: SI_USER [pid: 1764, uid: 500]
Full thread dump Classic VM (JDK-1.2.2_014, green threads):
"Finalizer" (TID:0x42dd4590, sys_thread_t:0x8111380, state:CW) prio=8
at java.lang.Object.wait(Native Method)
at java.lang.ref.ReferenceQueue.remove(
at java.lang.ref.ReferenceQueue.remove(
at java.lang.ref.Finalizer$
"Reference Handler" (TID:0x42dd4338, sys_thread_t:0x8108260, state:CW) prio=10
at java.lang.Object.wait(Native Method)
at java.lang.Object.wait(
at java.lang.ref.Reference$
"Signal dispatcher" (TID:0x42dd4370, sys_thread_t:0x8107b50, state:CW) prio=5
"main" (TID:0x42dd4420, sys_thread_t:0x804cb58, state:R) prio=5
Monitor Cache Dump:
java.lang.ref.ReferenceQueue$Lock@42DD42F0/42E0A1E0: <unowned>
Waiting to be notified:
"Finalizer" (0x8111380)
java.lang.ref.Reference$Lock@42DD4348/42E09E40: <unowned>
Waiting to be notified:
"Reference Handler" (0x8108260)
Registered Monitor Dump:
JDWP Transport Send Monitor: <unowned>
JDWP Transport Listener Monitor: <unowned>
JDWP Initialization Monitor: <unowned>
JDWP Invocation Lock: <unowned>
JDWP Step Handler Lock: <unowned>
JDWP Thread Lock: <unowned>
JDWP Reference Table Monitor: <unowned>
JDWP Alloc Lock: <unowned>
utf8 hash table: <unowned>
JNI pinning lock: <unowned>
JNI global reference lock: <unowned>
BinClass lock: <unowned>
Class linking lock: <unowned>
System class loader lock: <unowned>
Code rewrite lock: <unowned>
Heap lock: <unowned>
Monitor cache lock: owner "main" (0x804cb58) 1 entry
Dynamic loading lock: <unowned>
Monitor IO lock: <unowned>
User signal monitor: <unowned>
Waiting to be notified:
"Signal dispatcher" (0x8107b50)
Child death monitor: <unowned>
I/O monitor: <unowned>
Alarm monitor: <unowned>
Waiting to be notified:
<unknown thread>(0x80570f0)
Thread queue lock: owner "main" (0x804cb58) 1 entry
Monitor registry: owner "main" (0x804cb58) 1 entry