Some servlet mappings are not visible in the project>server properties window

2004-01-19 03:25:25 AM
I have a web.xml configuration file that has several mappings
"Project properties">"Run">{select a runtime configuration in the
list then click Edit}>{In the pop-up, select "JSP/Servlet" then the
button "..." in the right hand pannel}
There you can see a pop-up devided in 3: "File", "Servlet mapping" and
"Servlet class".
I can see one entries in the "Servlet mapping" but my web.xml file
contains more than one (e.g. the Struts 'action' mapping does not show
in this list)- I have checked to conformity of this file and it does
not contain any error.
I must stress that this file hasnot been built from scratch through
JBuilder, but I copied and passed it from somewhere, can this be the
source of the problem? - maybe it is not a problem ...? Maybe there is
a setting I ignore?