selected vs deselected times _itemstatechanged event calls.

2005-04-03 09:42:13 AM
Bon giorno Salvo (excuse my poor Italian, I am Turkish American)
Each dataset row will trigger two _itemstatechanged event: Selected and
If you do a change its jdbcombobox value in the _itemstatechanged method,
it will call itself again (recursive call).
If you still have the problem, please post your method's codes here.
Do me a favor, please try to select a value with the key press after
positioning it with the arrow keys.
Did it work? Did you get the value you pressed on?
I can not get it with the keys but mouse click and want to know if I am
doing something wrong.
e.SELECTED == e.getStateChange()
and e.DESELECTED == e.getStateChange()
"Salvo Cammaroto" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote in message
Hi, i'm italian, excuse me for my poor english.
If i use jdbCombo with dataset, when i open the frame the first time
the jdbComboBox1_itemStateChanged work fine (it pass twice)then i close
the frame, reopen and it pass four times, then six times.
jdbCombo work fine without dataset, why?
I use jBuilderX and JBuilder 2005 foundation.
Thx ,regards
Salvo C.
Messina, Italy