Applet does not see the library

2005-06-17 06:56:22 AM
Dear People,
I am trying to do my first applet in the Foundation JBuilder.
The IDE does not see the library I added.
See the error message below and the coding below that
thank you
I did a few things:
Configure Libraries
Under User Home I see "objectdraw.jar"
under the Required Libraries tab I see "objectdraw.jar"
I went to Project menu
Project Properties
Here I see ! { C:/ .....myprojectname / objectdraw.jar }
"": package objectdraw does not exist at line 2, column 1
"": cannot find symbol; symbol: class WindowController at line 4, column 30
import objectdraw.*;
public class MakeBox extends WindowController
public void begin()
public void onMousePress(Location point)
new FilledRect(30,150,30,20,canvas);