tiles/ide oddity

2007-03-16 02:18:04 AM
I fixed it.
Good design will never fail you, even when the technology bites you.
When executing just the tile on W2KSrv I get
So I obviously put Apache Commons in the Required Libraries for the
server setup and it worked.
Now it is unsettling why it failed. I had this problem since Sept06 on
the same machine I compiled it on. I had this across two motherboards,
yes I rebuilt it on an Intel D975XBX2(very, nice board) and still had it
from copying over the ide configuration and libraries from the previous
development wksHD. It makes absolutely no sense and worse I cant
explain it deterministically, other than "well something happened/added
between the time when it worked and from when it stopped that you
perpetuated when you copied it over" Okay, off the soap box, grin.