Re: jbuilder editor how to switch off "automatically indented"

2003-07-29 11:33:57 AM
On 7/28/2003 at 4:09:49 AM, Rene Guenther wrote:
I'd like to create a jsp file within the jbuilder 8 editor. And I'd
like to indent my html tags manually. How is it possible to switch
off the "automatic indent" function since I cant indent my html tags
with this function on.
It sounds like you are using the TAB key, which is mapped to the
"format-code" function for most keymappings. To indent the tags, you
will need to use the "indent" function, which is on the F2 key.
Many people (including I) switch the definitions of those two keys
using JBuilder's keymapping facility. You can do this under Tools |
Editor Options | Editor | Keymap. This is not available with JBuilder
7 and 8 Personal, but in that case, there is an OpenTool on CodeCentral
that will switch the keys for you.
John McGrath [TeamB]