[ANN] Productivity! Pro 2.00 Beta 3 for JBuilderX released!

2004-01-27 10:35:45 PM
AMIS Software (www.softamis.com) is proud to announce
availability of the next release of Productivity! Pro for JBuilder.
Productivity! is genuine and rich set of JBuilder Open Tools (more then
40 ones) intended to greatly simplify routine coding and navigation
operations. As result, it allows significantly speedup of your
development productivity and decreasing of coding time up to 15-20%.
Productivity! includes rich code generation code, advanced smart
templates, task list, background code analyzer with lot of assistants
and significant amount of various JBuilder IDE and editor improvements.
With all these unique tools and features Productivity! become a real
"must have" tool for every Java developer which uses JBuilder.
To find more about Productivity! and to discover unique features it
offers, please visit www.softamis.com.
Also, with online demos published there you can discover how
Productivity! can help you to solve a lot of usual routine tasks using
just couple of clicks.