ANN: Gnostice PDFOne Java function-specific editions released - 100% Java PDF programming libraries

2007-02-05 01:17:18 PM
Gnostice Information Technologies is pleased announce the release of
function-specific editions of PDFOne Java.
Along with the release of PDFOne Java v1.41 and seeing the need for more
specialized editions of PDFOne Java, new function-specific editions of Gnostice
PDFOne Java are now available for download. The new editions are:
* PDFOne Java Create
* PDFOne Java Bookmark
* PDFOne Java Forms
* PDFOne Java Stamp
* PDFOne Java Merge n Split
Each specialized edition includes the complete set of features and provides
numerable facilities in the area that it is specialized.
About the Specialized Editions
* Gnostice PDFOne Java Create enables developers to create PDF documents from
scratch straight from within application programs with support for compressing
and securing PDF documents, and more.
* Gnostice PDFOne Java Bookmark enables developers to add, modify, and delete
bookmarks in existing PDF documents.
* Gnostice PDFOne Java Forms enables developers to create, fill, read, modify,
and delete PDF forms and annotations.
* Gnostice PDFOne Java Stamp enables developers to add stamps and watermarks to
existing PDF documents.
* Gnostice PDFOne Java Merge n Split enables developers to merge and split PDF
For more information on the specialized editions of Gnostice PDFOne Java, please
For downloading trial versions visit,
For information on pricing and purchase please visit,
What is PDFOne Java?
Gnostice PDFOne Java is a 100% Java library for developers to implement PDF
based software solutions. PDFOne Java provides a rich set of APIs to create,
manipulate and organize PDF documents, process PDF forms and perform other PDF
document related tasks from within your Java applications.
Key Features:
* 100% Java implementation ensures best compatibility and performance on the
Java platform.
* Single, rich programming interface enables you to create rich electronic
documents and at the same time allows you to manipulate, manage and enhance
existing PDF document and process PDF eForms.
* Advanced features include, compression, encryption, TrueType fonts, font
embedding, font sub-setting, international characters (European, Chinese,
Japanese...), bookmarks, notes annotations and more.
* PDF AcroForms support enables you to design richly formatted PDF forms with
support for buttons, checkboxes, lists, edit controls, JavaScript actions and
* Advanced drawing functions include support for drawing tables, paragraphs and
textboxes placed using simple built-in commands.
* Modify and Re-organize PDF documents by adding new text, images, bookmarks and
annotations, deleting pages, append pages and more.
* Automate filling of PDF forms with constant data or unique data picked up from
any data store, and distribute the filled forms in one go. An indispensable
feature when you have to process and email thousands of forms to users across
the globe.
* Perform any kind of PDF document management, manipulation and reorganization
task in batch or real-time from your application to automate document workflows.