Sun ONE Appserver7 Plugin For Solaris Install Fails

2004-10-04 10:42:25 PM
Has anyone got the SunONE Appserver7 plugin installation to work.
I launch setup_solaris script, then I get a dialog box , click next and the app fails:
Loaded com.sun.enterprise.plugin.install.helpers.ValidateOS]
[Loaded java.awt.Window$1DisposeAction from /opt/j2sdk1.4.2/jre/lib/rt.jar]
[Loaded java.awt.EventQueue$1AWTInvocationLock from /opt/j2sdk1.4.2/jre/lib/rt.jar]
[Loaded sun.reflect.UnsafeStaticObjectFieldAccessorImpl from /opt/j2sdk1.4.2/jre/lib/rt.jar]
[Loaded java.lang.ref.Finalizer$2 from /opt/j2sdk1.4.2/jre/lib/rt.jar]
[Loaded java.lang.ref.Finalizer$1 from /opt/j2sdk1.4.2/jre/lib/rt.jar]
I have tried with 1.4.1 and 1.4.2.
Any ideas?