Re: save as .command

2003-07-02 01:17:39 AM
In <3f01a04b$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM >Craig Laird wrote:
I have used this script
and runs fine out of BBedit ...
Actually, I think you mean that it runs from the
command line in a Terminal window. BBEdit cannot
run the script, can it? (At least my copy cannot.)
... but I would like to use the comment of
Paul to use .command.
I think you have to make sure that if you use BBEdit,
you save the file as file type = (generic text file).
(Click on the "Options" button in the "Save As"
dialog in BBEdit to get to this setting.)
Make sure you change the file's permissions to +x
% chmod +x jbuilder7.command
I'm assuming that you are running JBuilder 7
from the script you included in your message.
If it's some other version, just make the
appropriate name change.
Also, I noticed that the script had the JDK set
to 1.4.1. Ideally, JBuilders 6 and 7 should be
run on 1.3.1. JBuidlers 8 and 9 must be run
on 1.4.1. If you are actually running JBuilder 7,
and experience anomalies with the jkd=1.4.1 setting,
try dropping back to jdk=1.3.1.
Paul Furbacher [TeamB]
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