ANN: Penuel build 1050 released

2006-02-25 11:14:14 AM
PENUEL: A browser program for relational databases
Build #1050 released
Penuel build #1050 fixes an inconvenience in the automatic update checker.
The update checker notifies the user if a newer version of Penuel has
been released.
The update check is always performed at application startup. In prior
versions, an error in the automatic update check process (such as the web
site being down or the user being behind a firewall that prevents the
opening of sockets) prevented the Penuel frame window from being launched.
This is rather drastic. I have modified the process so that any exceptions
thrown by the update check at startup will be silently passed over and
Penuel will be available for use.
Thanks to Nusrat {*word*279}n of Bombay, India for pointing this out.
Penuel is available for free download from
George Xavier
About Penuel
Penuel is a function-oriented, no-frills browser program for relational
databases that are JDBC-compliant. Penuel is a 100% pure Java application
using the Swing and JDBC APIs.
Penuel can be downloaded from The user guide is also
available on-line
at this site.
If you would like to give me feedback (or a better day job), please send
email to
with Penuel as the subject.
Thank you.
George Xavier