(JB2005) TableScrollPane Bug in UI Designer

2004-12-07 11:17:04 PM
Hi all,
I encountered a strange bug in the UI Designer:
I can use the designer to either place a JdbTable or a TableScrollPane
on my Panel and move it around, resize it, etc.
But as soon as I put the table into the scrollpane, I can't select
either one.
When I use the "Structure"-pane to select the scrollpane, a black
rectangle appears, that is displayed like the scrollpane had bounds(0,0,
0,0). I can use this to resize and move the scrollpane correctly, but as
soon as I select another component, the scrollpane gets unavailable
I tried a lot of different things including creating the JdbTable
directly inside the TableScrollPane but it didn't help.
I'm using JBuilder 2005 on OS X 10.3.6. Has anyone encountered something
Marcus Ilgner